Facility Management is any manpower company’s ultimate dream. It gives the company adequate boost and its management enough confidence to mitigate competition in the industry.

LMS has already achieved this status and its operation is efficient enough in managing a complete facility e.g. a mall, hospital or an office, through its highly evolved multi-pronged holistic modus operandi.

LMS has all the technical know-how, professionalism and team-work to handle a complete facility, so that on ‘every sunrise’ it is ready to serve the client and the visitors and handle any surprises therein and on each sunset it winds-up the work safely. This ‘day-in’ and ‘day-out’ approach ensures perfect handling of complete client premises.



Before enlisting anybody to work in our ranks, we invariably undertake a thorough Screening of the candidate which tests the basic IQ level, fitness and response to extemporaneous situations. We ensure the intake of candidates who perform exceptionally well in our tests. This is followed with Antecedent Verification by our I&V Department and a medical examination by our empanelled physician to ascertain that we hire the most suitable candidates for delivering the best in class duties.

House Keeping

House-keeping services are essential to keep any and every premise presentable and in order. No premise either an office, a residential building or an educational establishment can run effectively without effective house-keeping services, as employer as well as employee wishes for a neat place to work and a tidy ambience to grow in. It also leaves an enduring first impression on the visitors.

LMS provides professional house-keeping services to Offices, Commercial Showrooms, Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Specialized Clinics, Corporate Houses, MNCs, Factories, Industrial units, Airports. Essential mechanized equipment and environment friendly chemicals are utilized for effective cleaning of the clients premises on a daily basis.


LMS House Keeping personnel are amply taught the emphasis of personal hygiene before being trained regarding premises hygiene, as we at LMS firmly believe in the ideology of implying our principles on ourselves first and then guiding others in a better direction.

The Importance of keeping the clients premises tidy and clean is emphasized during training of housekeeping trainees. Trainees are taught the use of essential mechanized equipment and environment friendly chemicals. Trainees are practically taught the use of equipment and chemicals.



Environment need to be protected from human and Industrial abuse, so that our future generations can survive well on the Mother Earth. Mechanized Environmental Support Services Concept has been designed and is implemented in all developed nations and the same is being adopted by developing nations like India.

LMS has adopted all MESS technology for Airports, Malls & Modern buildings with glass facade. MESS not only ensures longer life of building, live load and static load surfaces/materials but also contributes in protecting the environment by use of specially manufactured chemicals for quality cleaning and least harm to the ecosystem. These chemicals of international quality standards ensure longer life of surfaces in the client premises. Implementation of MESS also reduces the manpower cost by 95%.

Our highly trained, MESS personnel keep your premises dust-free and sparkling.


Modern Architecture has incorporated glass usage on the building exteriors in the form of facade. Shining building facades and clean exteriors help create a lasting first impression of how people perceive a building.


Facades are exposed to the damaging effects of the weather, such as, rain, dust and concentrations of atmospheric gases year-round. LMS, Mechanized Environmental Support Services (Housekeeping) division, specializes in facade cleaning and utilizes advanced tools & technologies that provide excellent end-results, which make surfaces free from dirt, grime, oil and bacteria. MESS ensures restoration of surfaces to its original condition.

Supported by a competent team of professionals, we can take up heavy duty surface cleaning task without contaminating the environment by using specialized scaffolding, elevated work platform, rope access techniques, telescopic equipment and high pressure water creepers.


Training is provided as per guidelines and curriculum laid down for various types of staff:


  • Entry Point & Perimeter Security: As per PSAR Act- Class Room Training (CRT), Outdoor Training (ODT) and On Job Training (OJT).
  • Front Desk Executives: Present ability, Communication Skills in Hindi & English, Courteousness, Soft Speaking ability.
  • House-Keeping: Personal Hygiene, Premises Hygiene, Courteousness, Safe use of Equipment & Chemicals.
  • Pantry: Personal Hygiene, Premises Hygiene, Courteousness, how to serve, care of crockery.
  • MESS: Personal Hygiene, Premises Hygiene, Courage, Life Safety Gear use while working at heights.
  • Electricians: Electrical Room Safety, Life Safety Gear, Fire Fighting.
  • Plumbers: Plant Room Safety, Fire Fighting.


LMS offers facilitation service that includes:


  • Entry point security
  • Front desk and internal department facilitations
  • Backend essential services (electrical & mechanical maintenance)
  • Perimeter security
  • Building exterior mechanized support services
  • Housekeeping Boys
  • Housekeeping Supervisors
  • Facade Cleaning Specialists